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Pamir Highway – September 2017

 “There are a bunch of weird stones up on the next tier,” said one and another added “they seem to be in lines and are all sorts of strange colours.” This was followed by a multitude of possible theories most involving aliens none of which seemed that plausible. 

I went up to the flat bit above the truck with the odd stones now littered with tents and followed a path lined with more stones up the mountain. The stones were generally white with the outer edges painted red. A little below me was a few small pits filled with metal bits. It looked far too small to be a landfill. At the top was a sign that showed a man exploding as he stepped on a mine. 
It slowly dawned on me. Half the group had chosen to camp on a mine field. It looked very similar to mine clearing operations in Angola and a few other places in Africa. The red stones ringed the areas not cleared yet. The path I was treading had been scooped out in order to ensure it was mine free. Or was it an elaborate hoax to lure people into believing it was mine free? The civil war had ended years ago so this was unlikely. 
I walked carefully back down to the pits of metal where another fellow from the trip was poking around. He looked at me with concern telling me what I had suspected. He had been in the army and had seen mine clearing operations in the Falklands.
The pits that I had seen were filled with used bullets and exploded bomb bits. If not a mine field it could be a firing range or both. Hence the nice flat long benches of land we were camped on.  Thankfully I generally camp closer to the truck. 

Later that night …….

“Tyson!!! Help. There are men trying to get to into my tent,” is what the girl in the tent next to me yelled. At least I think that is what she yelled as I was deep in sleep. 

Seconds later as I scrambled for a light and felt for the tent zipper I got an update. “They are Military I am getting Gayle (the tour leader)”. 

By then I was half out of my tent wearing only my underwear. I was in an akward position hands on the ground in what looked like a yoga move or stretch. 

And with no one around I got questioned. “Ruskie?”, one asked. The four of them seemed incredibly big as they stood in a group with a spot light focused on me still in my awkward yoga pose. Each had a loaded AK47 around their shoulder. I didn’t move. “Nyet Ruskie”, I replied. “Canada”. And they moved on after a few more questions I didn’t understand. 

They were polite and business like making sure everything was fine. We were directly across the river from Afghanistan after all. They had merely popped into my neighbours tent as her light was on. She frequently falls asleep while reading her headlamp still on and I too had waken her on a different occasion assuming she was awake. 


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