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Virgin Again!

Brazzaville, Congo – July 2017

The sign on the pharmacy door read.

Super vente. Virgin Again. Disponible en deux tailles

“We have to come back when it’s open”, Anita said. And we did.

“No smirking or laughing”, she said as she entered the now open pharmacy. “Okay. You do the talking” I replied smiling.

At the counter Anita asked about the cream and the pharmacist who luckily spoke a little English hauled up a box full of them from the floor. “We only have the large bottle left”, she stated. Anita and I looked at each other not quite sure what to do next. “Ask her if it works”, I whispered into Anita’s ear not wanting to sound like a sick pervert. I thought a question like that would sound less perverted coming from a woman.


“Does it work?”, asked Anita.
“Oh yes it does. I use it myself”, replied the saleswoman. We looked at each other and then both picked up a box to examine the contents and label partially to avoid laughing. I didn’t recognize anything on the ingredient list but it was made in India for a London company. “It’s from a UK company. They probably sell it in London too”, I exclaimed. “Right”, Anita blurted out somewhat sarcastically. At this point we couldn’t look at each other in case we lost our seriousness. “Ask if they have samples”, I whispered again to Anita. “Do you have samples”, asked Anita. The salesman cocked her head sideways confused. “Does it smell?”, added Anita. “I want to know what it smells like”.


“Ah” exclaimed the salesman. “I don’t have a sample you can take, but I do have an open bottle here you can smell. Hold out your hand”, she continued to Anita. Anita did and got a dob squirted on her wrist. Without rubbing it in she raised it to her nose and smelt it. “No smell”, she said. “Can I smell?”, I asked.

She held up her hand and I lowered my nose expecting some sort of scent. Absolutely nothing. I lowered further and stuck my nose in it accidentally.

This was too much for Anita. She thanked the sales lady and walked briskly from the pharmacy. Outside she broke into laughter. “It’s all over your nose”, she stated. “I know and I can feel my nose tightening up. It works!” I replied through snorts of laughter.



One comment on “Virgin Again!

  1. whereiszebra
    July 24, 2017

    Congo Virgin again xD I thought it’s gonna be a glue kinda thing to create a fake membrane…idk xD

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