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Hindu Vegas

>The nine storey high entrance towers (4 in total) of the temple at
Madurai glimmers and blinks to beckon you to Hindu Vegas. On arrival
it is best to pay your respects to the godess Pavarti first; otherwise
she gets very jealous. You see the god Shiva got tired of waiting at
the alter for Pavarti to do her makeup so he married a passing
stranger instead. Ever since Pavarti has never been the same. This in
time sorted itself out and these two gods are now happily married. So
happily married in fact that when the priests put the idols to bed
they remove Pavarti's nose ring so it doesn't tear out during the wild
sex they have when the temple is closed. Who said gods can't have fun?

If you come on a Saturday Shiva and Pavarti are placed on a special
golden swing. A break from accepting the blessing of temple goers.

In the lotus courtyard with its central pond the buildings are candy
cane striped and various idols constructed of strings of Christmas
lights blink wildly at you. The halls are painted gaudy colours and
the 9 story towers themselves are wildly colourful with thousands of
characters sculpted the entire way up the towers. Not to be missed
are the status of Shiva and another god having a dance off. Shivas
dancing foot almost hits his face in the bizarre pose he has been
sculpted in.

If that wasn't enough to entertain the visitor there is a band and
classical dancers on hand to entertain. There is even an elephant who
will bless you with his trunk and take children for very short rides.
To save soiling the temple an Indian boy squats beneath with a bucket
catching the elephants urine every time it pees. A man with a garbage
can does a similar task at the rear.

Hindu temples are like carnivals. People play, shout and run around,
families picnic and people try to con you out of your money. Most
places don't have a mass as we know it, instead they line up for
darshan (blessing by the deity).


Tyson Brooks

In India –


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This entry was posted on October 25, 2010 by in India.

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